The internet is massive, full of information. It helps us share knowledge faster than ever, helping us move forward in our evolution as a species but also individually. But there is a catch: too much information isn’t good for your brain.

If you are like me, you have a hard time staying focused for more than a few minutes. You regularly feel distracted by something, even though you don’t know what. Your brain is slowly focusing on a million other things. You fear to miss out on something. Your life is clutter with too many gadgets, unreal friends, and fake news.

No, you don’t need to know about a shark attack that happened in the middle of the pacific. No, you will probably never talk again to that guy from a high school party. No, you don’t need this cute little outfit on sale.

I think you got the point. It is time to reflect on how we live. Baby-step after baby-step, we should aim at reducing the amount of distraction that our brains like so much. Maybe start by removing a few friends from your social media account. Start with the one you haven’t seen or talk in 10 years. Don’t fall for the trap: “But maybe we will talk again!”. The hardest part is to start somewhere. Trust me, removing that one friend will take you 30 min, but removing the next ten will only take 5 min!